The Legend is the main protagonist in the Skate franchise. He/She is highly customizable, being able to change clothes, race, and even gender. Not much is know about his official canon self, except he's a mute caucasian male in his middle 20's with stubble. In the intros, he always wear a black hoodie, with the hood up, obstructing his face from view. He's best friends with Reda, and met him shortly before getting hit by a bus during a skate session. In the first game. His job is to do photoshoot, filming challenges, and contests to get noticed by brands and sponsors. He eventually becomes "Skater Of The Year" after beating the X-Games and the fictional Mega Mayhem contest.

Shortly after the events of skate., The Player is arrested for "Personal Endangerment, Reckless Behavior, and breaking into Government Property" after attempting to drop into the San Vanelona Dam. He is imprisoned for five years. During his suspension, an earthquake occurs at San Vanelona, which spawns the spinoff Skate It.

After he's released from prison, The Player is visited with a new and rebuilt San Vanelona. Most spot have changed, but some from the original game have been kept in the game. Reda takes him directly to Slappy's new park so he can rejuvenate his skateboarding skills. His object in Skate 2 is the same as the first, but to meet more pros and get sponsored.