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This is a list of Skate 2 Challenges:


  • Basics
  • Flipping Wood 101
  • No mugshots please
  • Two on the floor
  • The art of pooping
  • Follow Slappy
  • School's out
  • School of hard knocks
  • Skipping school
  • Playing Hooky
  • School's In
  • The Clampdown
  • We Roll Large
  • Duffy's Rail Termination
  • PJ's Stair Session
  • Jam with Danny Way
  • Busenitz Blitz
  • The Spice of Life
  • Get Blind With Jake
  • Creature Style
  • Over The Rainbow
  • Lens Flare
  • Braydon's Ball Blaster
  • Ice Frosty
  • Applebutters, eh?
  • BS Roll
  • Hit and Bounce
  • Foundation Flickfest
  • Shave Your Tounge
  • Alien Manual Shop
  • Stressing With The SOTY
  • Projects Picnic
  • Boneyard Blast
  • Mountain Mayhem
  • Sidekick Showdown
  • Downtown Disorder
  • Goofy vs. Regular
  • Snakestyle Shootout
  • Harsh Barge Blowout
  • Bushman Bowl Jam
  • Sewerside Jam
  • Lighthouse Shootout
  • The Bonefest
  • San Van-A-Slamma


Click here for a complete video walktrough

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