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A example of a skate.Park

In Skate 3, you can create your very own skate.Park that ranges from plazas to megaparks.


PCU Training CenterEdit

The first skate.Park you obtain in the beggining of the game. It is located on the University District.

Team HQEdit

The second skate.Park you obtain if you finish the second milestone. It is located on the Indrustrial District. 


The third skate.Park you obtain if you finished the fourth milestone. It is located on the Downtown District.


The fourth and last skate.Park if you finish the final tranny contest. It is also located in the University District.


Street TerrainEdit

Customize your skate.Park with stairs and ramps for all street fun.

Vert TerrainEdit

Create your skate.Park with helicopters this upgrade would be sick not, cars and many more.


Plaza TerrainEdit

Create your own dream plaza with stairs, water, and grass for your park.

Mega TerainEdit

Create and thrash your own megapark with gigantic pipes and ramps.


Use your own ideas with long rails and grind and destroy it.


Create your own park with ledges and hubbas that you could grind your board it. [[Category