This is the Skate 2 version of San Vanelona, for the Original Skate version, please see San Vanelona

San Vanelona in skate 2 is different from it's previous version. The city's name has been changed to New San Vanelona.

Skate 2 map

The city has been changed because of mysterious earthquakes that happened. There are two new parts and two returning ones in New San Vanelona, Cougar Mountain, Waterfront, The Res and Old Town.

Cougar MountainEdit

Cougar Mountain is a part of New San Van located up north. It has the highest peak in the city, San Van Peak or SV peak. Monkeys do attack you there if you stand in the woods for too long.


Waterfront is a part of New San Van located down south. It has a lot of benches and cruise lines. Also the SV stadium, GvR park and Lighthouse skatepark are here too. Do not go in the water! It has toxic oil in it!

The ResEdit

The Res is a returning part of New San Vanelona. Nothing has changed much since the original EA Skate. also the Reg's Skateshop is replaced by a another shop.

Old TownEdit

Old Town is a part of New San Van. Not a whole lot has changed since the original skate. Also the training facility and city hall are located here.


Downtown is a part of New San Vanelona. Most of the area has been changed with the exception of the library and the Matrix.

Need For Speed Undercover Edit

Sometimes you will hear this city being mentioned while free roaming. The police will be talking about an unconscious man who is too old to be riding a skateboard, the officer will say that his ID says he's from this city.