Marc Johnson is a pro featured in Skate 2. He represents the brand Chocolate and has a film challenge.

Marc Johnson Skate 2

Career Edit

Following the receipt of coverage in the skateboard media, Johnson relocated from North Carolina to California and was sponsored by Maple shortly thereafter. Johnson had very little money prior to departing North Carolina and travelled with a pair of males who funded the journey with petty scams.[4]

Perceiving an opportunity to work with the individuals who had been influential in his style of skateboarding at the time, Johnson joined the A-Team after receiving an offer from skateboarding pioneer Rodney Mullen (Mullen had also raised the possibility of negotiating an arrangement with the Blind brand). After a few disenchanted years on A-Team, he and his teammates quit because of the feeling of skating for an engineered team that was a marketing ploy.

Enjoi Edit

Johnson subsequently founded the Enjoi brand with Mullen, recruiting friends and fellow sponsored skateboarders, like Jerry Hsu and Louie Barletta, onto the team; Chris Colewas also sponsored by the company for a temporary period and, in 2009, stated in relation to his time with the company:

However, Johnson progressively realized that he was not suited to the role of company owner: "... double-checking almost every single decision someone made for Enjoi if I wasn't standing directly over their shoulder got really old, really fast."[7]

Post-enjoi Edit

Johnson elected to stand down from his role with Enjoi and joined the Chocolate skateboard company; shortly after, he was recruited as a member of the Lakai footwear team. In relation to his decision, Johnson has explained:

In January 2013, Johnson selected his five favorite skateboard graphics as part of Skateboarder magazine's "Memory Screened" series, and identified Evan Hecox, a longtime artist for the Chocolate brand,[8] during the interview on numerous occasions.[9]

In May 2016, Johnson was signed to Adidas, and ended his relationship with Lakai.