The Hall of Meat (inspired by the actual featurette in Thrasher) is a game mode  introduced in Skate 2 in where you need to injure your character in various, inhumane but creative ways to score points.

The first Hall of Meat is featured in Skate but as a photo challenge for Thrasher. The game mode was finally introduced as an actual game mode for Skate 2 and continued into Skate 3.


The Hall of Meat requires your character to experience hell by getting his/her various body parts viciously mangled by the enviroment (For example, getting hit by a car and then falling of a cliff). The more carnage you caused gets you more points.

Various multipliers increase the number of points gained. The multipliers are

  • The height of the fall
  • The distance
  • The duration
  • The amount of limbs and appendages damaged
  • Obstacles managed to hit along the way

The more points, the better.


Skate 2 gives the ability to tweak during the carnage, allowing for flashier ways to showcase the pain. Skate 3 gives the tweaks new properties, allowing for more ways to bring up the pain. You could also tweak while jumping.

  • The Cannonball allows you to jump, giving more distance if timed properly. This is done by pushing the right analog stick up
  • The Torpedo allows you to speed up the descent, This is done by pushing the right analog stick left.
  • The Judo allows you to kick random passerbys. This is done by pushing the right analog stick right.
  • The Spread Eagle allows you to slow down your descent. This is done by pushing the right analog stick down.



Skate 3Edit

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