Downloadable Content or DLC are content you download from Xbox Live Marketplace or the PSN Store.

Skate 2 DLCsEdit

Time is Money Pack
Unlocks all the parks and additional content normally obtained through completing the main story mode.
Filmer Pack
Gives the player more options for control of the camera during video clip editing. Also, new gestures and gear are also packed into this package.
Fantasy Factory
Opens the factory, as well as an area outside the plaza. It is based on the MTV Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory TV show.
San Van Classic Pack
Includes the Community Center, Elementary School and Parkade locations from the original Skate.
Throwback Pack
A free downloadable pack that unlocks retro gear and classic gestures.
Maloof Money Cup
This pack (which is based on the actual Maloof Money Cup) includes new Vert and Street challenges for Career Mode, along with new online Freeskate activities. It was released on July 9 2009, a day before the 2009 Maloof Cup began.

Skate 3 DLCsEdit

Time Is Money Pack
Unlocks All parks,props,characters and additional content Which can be obtained normally by
playing story mode.
Filmer Pack
Allows the player to upload skate clips to youtube.
San Van Party Pack
Unlocks new activities and a new mode called "Party Play"