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Danny Way's Mega Compound is a skate park featured in Skate, Skate 2 and Skate it. It is located in the Suburbs. It is unlocked by getting the cover of both Trasher and Skateboard magazines (only in Skate 1). There is also a bowl to the right if you entered through the entrance.

Danny Way's Mega Compound is a skate park in skate., Skate 2, and Skate It. In the first game, the park has two mega ramps of alternate sizes launching you to a landing ramp. A large mega halfpipe is in the corner of the landing ramp. A small loop, and launch ramp boosts you to a smaller halfpipe, which in turn sends you off a large ramp into an oversized bowl, which features an exit.

In the second game, it returns but the hurricane that occurred five years earlier has damaged and changed the park a bit. The tow mega raps have been split tinto three and an extension lies at the top of the mega halfpipe. A small dugout of water runs where the loo is and has a ramp to ollie over. The smaller halfpipe is the same, and launches you off the mega ramp as before, but there's a pool where the grass gap had once been. The mega bowl stays the same.


In skate. the final challenge, Mega Mayhem occurs here.

In Skate 2, you do a jam session with Danny Way.

Also in Skate 2, on of the Deathraces forces you to go though this spot.